Rehearsal Spaces | Brighouse Central Music Academy

Rehearsal Spaces

Our rehearsal room is right in the centre of Brighouse, at Central Methodist Church!

Band Rehearsal Space

Equipped with a drum kit, bass amp, pa system, and tea and coffee making facilities our space is perfect for putting the final touches to your Wembley Arena show.

Large Rehearsal Space

Our large rehearsal space is suitable for choirs, big bands, orchestras etc – any ensemble that can’t fit into a garage – and comes equipped with a PA system, drum kit and one heck of an acoustic. Seriously, its awesome.

To come to rehearse and hear your ensemble bathed in the magnificence of our acoustic, get in touch below.

Band Coaching

You know how it is, you’ve been working on your set for weeks, Wembley Arena beckons, and you’d like a second opinion to make sure everything is spot on. An outside pair of ears, if you will. Well that is exactly what we offer.

An outside pair of ears, complete with an entire professional musician attached!

Our pro’s have gigged all over the world and worked in bands that have played some of the best venues in the country and are available to offer advice and coaching.

They will work with you and your band on any aspect you feel you need to work on, such as playing together, stage craft, rehearsal techniques, arranging songs, balance of tone/sounds etc.

There are various ways you can use your band coach:

  • The whole rehearsal can be run by the coach, working on whichever aspects you want.
  • The coach can come at the beginning, give you things to work on, then come back towards the end to offer and further insight.
  • Rehearsal split between your own practice and time with the coach.