Groups | Brighouse Central Music Academy


We have a wide range of community music groups here at BCMA. All groups are held at Central Methodist Church Brighouse. Take a look below.

Community Choir

We are a friendly community choir that rehearse once a week term time, at 6.15pm on a Thursday. We’re run by Joe Roughton, the BCMA head. Sessions are £2 per week.  We sing a wide range of music, from pop classics to musicals. All ages and abilities welcome.

Ukulele Group

A group for ukulele players of all standards, this group meets once a week on Fridays 6-7pm. This group is run by Abi Ukulele (aka Abi Austin.)

Build a Band

A group for aspiring rock stars, and teenagers who just want to be in a band and see what its all about. This group runs 6-7pm, and is run jointly by Abi Austin and Joe Kerins.

Guitar Group

Starting November, our guitar group for beginners, 7.20-8.20pm. £3 per person, no need to book in advance, just pop in if you fancy. All you need is your guitar. Run by the guitar specialist, Joe Kerins.

Marching Percussion

Sign up for updates for our Drum sessions every Tuesday 6:30pm-8:30pm for just £5 a week
We accept all over the age of 8yrs old.
Run by Stu Higgins and two assistants, they have a combined total of at least 25yrs drumming experience
They specialise in teaching marching snare. tenors, bass drum and even the basics on drum kit.

Kids Music with Abi Ukulele

Here at BCMA, we know how important the first steps on your musical journey are.

We’ve been there, we’ve taken them, and it’s provided us with jobs and opportunities we never imagined.

That’s why we’re passionate about providing kids with their first opportunities to engage and learn music.

Whether they want to come along to a kids session and bash a drum or have one to one lessons on the instrument they can’t stop talking about, we have it covered.